Everything you should know.

Heres what you need to know,


HRH The Duke of Stagmoore has Declared the Princedom of Moorland an Independent Sovereign State and made his family, members of his royal house. 

This website is our hub for news, charity work info and is actively the best place to contact The Princedom.

We lay no claim nor intend to lay a claim on anything in the channel islands or anywhere else unless lawfully begotten. 

Volunteers are welcome to support us and be rewarded in a variety of ways.

We have a Permanent population.

We have an Ambassador for Foreign Affairs, and can conduct diplomatic relations.

Our government is a hereditary absolute monarchy, however all The Dukes and Duchess's of The Princedom are often consulted on important matters.

The territory we claim is REAL and Physical.


We claim our lands lawfully bought in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany spain and America to be the territories combined into the Princedom of Moorland. The Sovereign Prince has a personal right to these territories, and has declared them for the Princedom.

each seperate Territory is a duchy held by a Duke or duchess appointed by the Sovereign. all the duchy's combined make up The Princedom of Moorland.


The Princedom of Moorland is an Observer State of the Empire of Stomaria. To expand upon this, Moorland now forms apart of the Empire of Stomaria, though we keep our Sovereignty and Independence, Moorland is now part of Stomarias empire. Led by Emperor Andrew.