The Princes Order of Merit

The Princes Order of Merit was created and is led by HRH Prince Alexander. It  is bestowed upon individuals for invaluable service to Moorland and its people and/or on Patreon. This Order of Knights has since been re-organised to support charitable projects, such as "The Night Before Christmas Project" created by the Orders 2nd in Command, Dame Elyse Bruce. Knight Companion 1st Class.

Potential members are approved at the sole discretion of HRH The Prince Alexander.


Its 4 Ranks include:


Knight Companion.

Knight Companion 1st class.

Knight Commander.

The Most Noble Order of the Stag

The Most Noble Order of the Stag is one the Highest Knighthood within the Princedom of Moorland with its only rank being "Knight Commander". It is an incredibly prestigious rank.


the name is inspired by the national animal and symbol of the Royal house of Morton.

Moorlands Order of Honour

The Order of Honour is granted to exceptional people, either through public recommendation or given by a Duke or Duchess of Moorland

To earn this Knighthood you must simply deserve it.

Unlike the other Orders, this Order only has one Rank, the rank of Knight (or Dame)

The Order of the Ravens Wing

The Order of the Ravens wing was created by His Highness, Prince Anthony. His Highness may bestow this Knighthood at his sole discretion.