Peerage's and Titular Dignities.

The Nobility of Moorland is split into 2 sections:



Titular Dignities.

A Peerage of Moorland (for example: "a Dukedom") are Hereditary Titles of Nobility that come with land and a small degree of responcibility. Peerages are higher than Titular Dignities.

A Titular Dignity of Moorland is a Title granted with the title alone, with no responcibilities and "usually" not hereditary.

(Please note that when our free hold land is purchased, the Peerages will change.)


Royal Dukedom:

A Royal Dukedom is a Duke or Duchess of Moorland that is ALSO an immediate member of the Royal Family of Moorland. eg, "Princess Cathrine. The Duchess of Rockmount"


A Dukedom is a Territory of Moorland that is granted to a specific individual, usually a family member of Moorlands royal family, close friend of the Sovereign or an Individual who has shown great support above and beyond the call of duty for Moorland. it is the Highest ranking Peerage of Moorland.


An Earl or Countess of Moorland is the Heir of one of Moorlands Dukedoms.


Lord/Lady of Moorland:

A Lord or Lady of Moorland is a tier 2 supporter of our Patreon. 


Titular Dignities:

Viscount/ess of the Moor:

A high badge of honour and respect in Moorland, this is Moorlands highest Titular Dignity.


Lord/Lady of the Moor:

Lords and Ladies of the Moor are individuals given this Title as a show of gratitude for certain services to the Princedom including financial.