Dukes and Duchess's

His Royal Highness, Prince Alexander. The Duke of Stagmoore.

Her Highness, Princess Cathrine. The Duchess of Rockmount.

Her Highness, Princess Gabrielle. The Duchess of Carswell.

Her Grace, Lady Sara, The Duchess of Lys.

His Grace, Lord Tiago. The Duke of Humworth.

Earls and Countess's

There are no Earls or Countess's at this time.

Barons and Baroness's

The RT-Hon Baron Milos Grujic M.O.H. Baron of the Stags.


The Princes Order of Merit:

HRH Prince Alexander, Knight Commander P.O.M

HH Princess Cathrine P.O.M

HH Princess Gabrielle K.P.O.M

Dame Elyse Bruce P.O.M, celebrated Author of the Missy Barrett adventures.

HG Lady Sara of the Noble House of Dos Santos K.P.O.M

HG Lord Tiago of the Noble House Dos Reis K.P.O.M

HL Sir Leonel of the Noble House Dos Santos P.O.M

Sir Celso of the Noble House of Dos Santos P.O.M

The Order of the Raven's Wing:

Sir Malaun Rashad Steele K.O.R.W


Moorlands Order of Honour:

Sir Kelley Michael Simich. 1st Knight M.O.H

Lord Michael Mcnanner. 2nd Knight M.O.H

Baron Milos Grujic. 4th Knight M.O.H

Viscount's or Viscountess's of The Moor

Her Grace, Lady Sara of House Dos Santos 1st Viscountess of the Moor.

His Lordship, Sir Michael Welsh. 1st Viscount of the Moor.


Lords and Lady's of the Moor.

Lord Tiago of House Dos Reis, 3rd Lord of the Moor.

Lord Gary Martin Reynolds, 1st Lord of the Moor.