HRH, Prince Alexander. Knight Commander of the Princes order of Merit, Knight Commander of The Most Noble Order of The Stag, Knight Guardian of Moorland, Lt. General of The Stag Regiment, Lord of Stomaria, Duke of Stagmoore, The Sovereign Prince of Moorland.

Prince Alexander, The Sovereign Prince.

HRH Prince Alexander is the Founder, head of state and Ruling Monarch of The Princedom of Moorland, he founded The Orders "The Princes Order of Merit" "Moorlands Order of Honour" and "The Most Noble Order of the Stag"


Princess Cathrine, The Princess Mother.

Her Highness Princess Cathrine is the Mother of the Prince Alexander,  Anthony and Princess Gabrielle and a Knight Companion of The Princes Order of Merit. Often Praised for her Work with the NHS during the Corona virus pandemic up untill the Present.


Princess Gabrielle, The Duchess of Carswell

Her Highness Princess Gabrielle is the youngest sister of the Princes Alexander and Anthony and a Knight Companion of "The Princes Order of Merit". Her Highness has been given the Duchy of Carswell, Carswell being a traditional family name.