Jan. 5, 2022

Prince Anthony

It is with no small degree of sadness that we share this Update from The Office of HRH Prince Alexander,

Prince Anthony, Earl of Rockmount has decided to step away completely from the Princedom of Moorland and stop all royal duties as of this day: January 5th 2022.
The reasons behind his departure are his own and despite Prince Alexander’s encouragement for his brother to continue, His decision is final.

The former Prince and Heir to Moorlands crown wishes the best to Our citizens and volunteers who have made Moorland such a wonderful nation.
With his duties being on hold for now, Prince Alexander has removed his Ranks and Titles, including the style of “His Highness” and “Prince”. HRH will also temporarily Act as Knight Commander of The Order of The Ravens Wing until a suitable replacement can be found.

Prince Alexander and the rest of The Royal family has decided not to comment, but are all on good terms.

Thank you.