Mar. 13, 2022

Moorland becomes an Observer State of the Empire of Stomaria.

HRH Prince Alexander has now fully incorporated The Princedom of Moorland into the Empire of Stomaria as an Observer State.

Upon joining Stomaria, Prince Alexander stated:
“Even though Moorland and Stomaria started off as allies, it was an easy decision to approach Emperor Andrew about Moorland becoming a part of the Empire as an observer state.
I wholeheartedly believe in our goals for self-reliance and it’s my belief that the Stomarian Empire will be nothing but a benefit for all those involved. It’s my honour for Moorland to be considered a part of that Empire.”
In accordance with the terms and conditions of becoming a part of Stomaria, Moorland’s mutual recognition treaties, alliances, affiliations or other kinds of formal relations with micronations outside of Stomaria are now invalid.